Bathroom Updates: When is it time? | Tiltin Windows, Doors & More Can Help With Your Bathroom Renovations

Signs It’s Time To Update Your Bathroom

There’s a room in your house that every family member uses every day. It should be a place to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, an invigorating shower, or to quickly and easily get ready for work. However, it might be time to make a few bathroom updates if poor lighting, lack of storage, or leaky faucets are making your life difficult. Even small changes can make a big difference.

How do you know if it’s truly time to update your bathroom? If you’ve asked yourself or your housemate that question, it’s time.


Before You Begin Your Project

After living with inconveniences for a while, many homeowners stop seeing the problems in their bathroom. One of the best ways to view the space in a fresh light is to take a few photos. Suddenly, the mismatched colors, the rusty plumbing, or the cluttered counter will be front and center. Once you zero in on the issues, you can put together your remodeling plan.


Awkward Layout

The number one reason that homeowners remodel a bathroom is due to the layout. Completely gutting the room and starting all over may be the best way to reorganize the space more efficiently. One example: As residents age, removing the bathtub and installing a walk-in shower is a typical remodeling project.


Poor Storage

If you don’t have room for your towels, tissue, hair products, and body washes, you need to add storage. Consider replacing your vanity with something more extensive, adding shelves above the toilet, or creating a linen closet by knocking down part of a wall and taking some space from another room.

Water Leaks

If you notice a dripping faucet or, worse yet, stains appearing on the ceiling below the bathroom, it’s a sign that you have to make some urgent repairs. Don’t delay – leaking pipes can cause significant damage to your home. While you’re at it, replace the fixtures with something new and stylish.

Lousy Lighting

If it’s so dim that you can barely see yourself in the mirror, or so bright that you’re nearly blinded, it’s time to update your bathroom lighting. An easy fix is to change out the light bulbs, but consider upgrading the light fixtures above the sink, in the ceiling, or in the tub area with something that offers more desirable features.


Older bathrooms often smell of mold, mildew, or wood rot. That’s a strong indication that a renovation is in order. Begin by changing out your toilet’s wax ring, adding better ventilation by installing an exhaust fan, replacing moldy caulk around the tub, and checking under the sink for stains and mold. All of these tasks will give you a fresher-smelling bathroom.

Outdated Styles and Colors

Perhaps you’re just tired of how the bathroom looks. Or maybe you still have the original bubble gum pink tiles from the 50s, or the dusty rose and colonial blue color scheme of the 80s. If so, your bathroom is out of date, and it’s time for a change. Removing the old wallpaper and scraping off the popcorn ceilings is a great start, but you might want to execute a complete re-do with new tiles, flooring, cabinets, etc. For a timeless and elegant look, use a white, black, and gray palette.

A bright new bathroom can add the perfect touch to your home and make a big difference in its overall value. If you’re thinking of renovating, start by researching ideas for how you want the room to look. Go online, page through magazines, or check out Pinterest, and keep a list of what catches your eye. It will help you stay focused and make the process much more manageable.

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