5 Tips Replacing Windows is Necessary

When it comes to windows, many homeowners are not aware that after a specific period windows may need to be replaced.

1. Your View is impaired

Even if you don’t have an incredible view, you still want to be able to see out of your window. Discoloration, fading, and condensation can drastically affect your picture. Up to date windows improve the value and look of your home. It’s a significant investment, but it’s worth it.

 2. Windows can’t be opened or closed easily, or they simply can’t open

One of the best and easy ways to lower your bill in the summer is to open your windows. Though fighting with your window to get it to open is not what is supposed to happen. If you are having a hard time connecting your windows to get them on track and they don’t work together anymore, then it may be time for a replacement.

Quick tip: If you need a quick fix to make it past the season, try rubbing the frame and tracks of the window with dishwashing soap. Adding soap will help the windows glide a bit easier giving you a little extra time to save up for replacements.

3. The window won’t stay open  

If you are having trouble keeping your window open, with the only way of keeping it open is using a piece of wood to prop it open, then its defiantly time for a replacement. Not being able to keep a window open can be very dangerous and is a complete safety hazard, especially if there are children in the home. It is often best to replace windows before any fingers get smashed. In the meantime make sure children do not horseplay or touch the window until it is fixed. Fingers can get smashed.

4. You can’t lock your window

When you are unable to secure the windows correctly and properly, then the security of your home is threatened. It makes it a whole lot easier for intruders to enter your home, which puts your possessions and most importantly your family at risk. Also, the escaping air can most definitely have an increase in your electricity bill during the winter and summer, as well. If you have the option to repair the lock, it’s best to do so first. Though, if this does not work and the window will not stay locked, then it’s time for replacements.

5Your home needs a makeover

Windows are one of the most critical features in a home, and if they look worn and old, your house will look that way too. Thoroughly inspect your windows for any damages and test it to make sure they are working correctly. Taking into consideration replacing your windows for design purposes are a close second to quality. The overall theme and vision of the home should defiantly have an impact on the window selection process.
When you are upgrading your home’s appearance, you may want to choose to have an open window then a fixed sash. You can create a more comfy interior and also improve airflow through the home. Another option is to choose larger windows to increase the natural light in a room, which has health and aesthetic benefit.