Window Safety for Kids

Bow Window 1Every parent should know that over 4,000 non-fatal injuries per year are reported in the United States due to window features in the home. This include falls, cuts and other maladies brought on by that terrible instinct in all children to test the limits of parents and the integrity of every home feature.

There are several ways to protect children from the dangers of windows. First and foremost, is the installation of safety replacement windows in all frames above the first floor. Until children learn to realize the danger of falling, replacement windows should be installed to provide an added safety barrier in times of poor judgment and youthful curiosity.

Safety bars and barriers are installed using grates that are anchored on the side of window sills rather than complete structural substitutes. The barrier bars on any safety window attachment should be no wider than four inches between each bar. Resourceful young ones will press the limits of safety, so be sure the replacement windows and safety features completely encompass every window perimeter.

There are hundreds of different designs of replacement window tools that can be installed to prevent children from being harmed by the dangers associated with windows. These dangers include falling, concussions and cuts from sharp edges.

Though there is an abundance of material replacement window features available to assist families with keeping children, toddlers and infants safe, the most effective safety strategy is “good ol’ fashioned” stern and direct warnings.

As soon as a child is able to understand key words in speech and prodding by his or her parents, warnings about the dangers of windows should be communicated. The best way to ensure that a child never has to encounter the dangers associate with windows, is through direct instruction about the subject. Honest and complete warning about the dangers associated with the improper use of windows is the most powerful tool in a parent’s arsenal when protecting a child.