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The main difference between the two styles is that single-hung windows have a movable lower sash and a fixed upper sash. Double-hung windows have two movable sashes; top slides down and the bottom slides up.

A full view window that is hinged on a side and cranks open towards the outside. Casements offer more ventilation than most other styles.  When closed and locked, casement windows can make a very effective seal for improved energy performance.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and crank open to the outside. When open they appear to look like a shed roof.

Bay windows usually consist of a picture window with two other (usually smaller) windows on each side, typically double-hung windows, or casement windows. Bay windows allow light to enter at different angles, and most bays include side windows that can be opened for airflow.  A bow window usually consists of four or five windows with more of a curved structure creating a rounded appearance on the outside of the home. A bow window does not protrude as far as a bay window does.

Picture windows are fixed, stationary windows that are typically larger than your average window.

Sliding windows move horizontally from side to side and are available as a single slide (only one sash moves) or double sliding units (both sashes move).

The main difference between the two is the outer layer of the door; a steel door has a steel exterior, and a fiberglass door has a fiberglass exterior. Both units are insulated and thermally broken, although steel may be colder to the touch. Fiberglass doors also have a very realistic appearance with wood texture and often will be mistaken for a real wood door. Fiberglass also offers different wood texture species like Oak, Cherry, Fir, Mahogany grains.

The difference between French doors and sliding patio doors is the way they open. French doors are double doors that swing on hinges, while sliding patio doors slide on a track with brass rollers. Patio doors save space while French doors open inward and need space to operate.

Soffit is the under portion of your overhang on a house. This material can be aluminum or vinyl. The key to soffit is knowing when you need vented soffit or solid soffit.  Fascia is the face of the overhang that is aluminum and situs under your gutters to protect the wood from rotting.

Vented soffit is very important in the process of expanding the life of your roof material. Soffit in the intake of air and your roof hood vents or ridge vent is the outtake.  Your roof must breathe and constant air flow will prolong the life of the roof material.  Gable vents also serve as intake in cases where soffit is not vented.

Low E is the insulated value that protects your furniture and drapes from fading. It acts like tint on a window. In the summer it blocks the harmful UV rays and minimizes the need for air-conditioning. In the winter time it allows the suns rays to come in and warn the house so that your furnace is not always running.
Argon gas is a dense gas that acts as a extra barrier of insulation in between the glass panes.

The glass is stained but more importantly the insulating seal is compromised.  The argon gas has dissipated and cold air is meeting warm air and creating condensation. The effect is much like taking a shower and fogging up the mirror but in this case you can’t wipe it away and more importantly the seal is compromised.

off a lawnmower.  A insulated panel has foam on the back side and gives structure to the panel.  This panel also provides added insulation value.

They offer security and when combined with a vent, allows air flow and protection.

Much like composite decking or outdoor furniture, door jambs can also be composite and make your entry door virtually maintenance free on the exterior.

Reason is replacement entry doors are now made of steel or fiberglass. These materials are maintenance free and made to with stand the hot or cold without that extra shell of a storm door.

There are many gutter systems on the market, I would lean towards a product that slows the water down as it flows into the gutter so that it does not fly over in a strong rain fall. The idea is to keep the leaves out and the water in down the gutter and distributed down the downspouts away from the foundation of the house

Not all contractors are equal. Choose a contractor that has a brick-and-mortar place of business and is insured and carry’s workers comp on their own employees. Check reviews and follow our gut.


We had Javier and his team help us with a small bathroom remodeling project. We were so happy with the whole process. Clear communiction, no hidden fees and the job was done on time.

Beth F.
Milwaukee, WI

We originally called Tiltin for windows, but after meeting them we also hired them to help us remodel a section of our basement. We love working with Javier and his team.

Carolyn P.
Wauwatosa, WI

We were so impressed! They came out to our house to measeure for a new front door and then talked through all our options. No pressure, just a lot of great information. We were extremely pleased with the results and woudl recommend them to anyone.

Nick M.
Greenfield, WI

We were referred to Tiltin by a friend. The crew did a great job and on our windows and doors. They looked amazing! When we are ready to add additional improvements, we will definitely call them again.

Mark W.
Milwaukee, WI

I can’t believe how great Tiltin is. During our January blizzard, their installers came and during the storm, they replaced all my windows and doors, and did it in a single day. No excuses about lowsy weather, nothing stops these people from getting the job done on time and done right!

Maureen D.
Wauwatosa, WI

We’ve been wanting to replace our front door for some time now, but just didn’t have time to shop. When Tiltin offerred us a free consultation, we took them up on it. And are we glad they ever did! The new steel entry door and storm door are terrific. Thanks Tiltin!

Parker F.
Wauwatosa, WI

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