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All things to know about siding before getting it replaced

1. When to Replace Your Siding Siding materials should never be installed in the height of winter or summer. Since moderate temperatures are ideal, it’s best to plan your siding replacement for the Spring or Fall months. Before replacing your siding, you should also consider the state of your roof, gutters, and shutters. Many experts…

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How to Prepare & Organize for a Remodel

Make it easier to clear out: Tidy up and decide whether there’s anything you’d part with before the renovation. Sub-divide belongings into four piles: donate, sell, hand-me-down and save. Anything that won’t be used post-renovation, get it out before you start the demo. Identify a storage solution: Anything you are going to keep will need…

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6 Things to Know Before Your Remodel

1. Give yourself time and space to plan: You can expect to spend at least a couple of months planning and designing your remodel, especially if it’s an updated kitchen or bath or another primary-use space. Plan on really taking this time. Before you even contact your remodeler, factor planning time into your ideal timeline,…

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5 Signs You Need New Windows

Do you ever find yourself asking, “do I need new windows?” Beginning the window replacement process is a big decision, so it’s important you know you’re making the right choice before upgrading. Great windows offer ventilation, look beautiful, help save energy, reduce noise and keep your space safe. If your windows aren’t doing one or…

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How to Choose the Right Door for Your Home

How to Select The Right Interior Door Style: 1. Pick a door style. This is the first step in selecting interior doors. Picking a style will determine the feel and style of the interior of your home. Be sure to pay close attention to the scale of the room. Selecting a more ornate door in…

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How to Budget for Home Renovations

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a House? According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of renovating a home that is 1,000 square feet is $19,000. For homes in the 3,000 to 4,000 square foot range, the average cost climbs to $87,500. Renovations made to an older home tend to cost more than a newer…

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What To Consider When Designing an ADA Compliant Bathroom

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific requirements. Here’s what they call for. Let’s cut to the chase: Does your home bathroom need to be Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant? No. Business owners must comply with ADA guidelines, but homeowners are exempt. And yet, just because you don’t need to comply doesn’t mean…

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A Guide to Front Door Replacements

How to Replace a Front Door Sometimes replacing a door means simply exchanging one door, called a slab or blank, for another. But in some cases you’ll have to rip out and replace the old door framing, which includes the door jambs and threshold — especially if these wood members have begun to rot. Even…

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Landscaping Ideas to Maximize Your Budget

Add a walkway If you need to break up space in a big backyard or want a smoother transition from turfgrass to garden, consider a walkway. A path made of stepping stones or pavers is an easy, budget-friendly project that combines style and functionality.  To elevate the design, add some moss or ground cover that…

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