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How to Select The Right Interior Door Style:

1. Pick a door style.

This is the first step in selecting interior doors. Picking a style will determine the feel and style of the interior of your home. Be sure to pay close attention to the scale of the room. Selecting a more ornate door in a small space will look busy. You can select from barn doors, pocket doors, dutch doors, glass framed doors and paneled doors. The key is consistency so there is a flow to the connecting spaces.

The main questions to ask yourself are:

What room is it for?

What style is the home?

How tall are the ceilings?

What material is the flooring?

2. Choose which way the door is to swing.

This will determine where your hinges will be. Do you want it to swing into the room or out into the next room? Typically if it is a bedroom, the door will swing into the room. If it is a main space like a family room, the door would swing in. Think of how you would typically walk into that particular room and what feels most comfortable to you.

3. Select the material.

The material of your door should not only match the aesthetic of your home but it can also be a big determining factor in the door style. You can choose from solid wood, MDF, glass doors, or hollow core doors. It’s also important to think about trying something different like glass doors for pantries and sunrooms while having solid doors for bedrooms and bathrooms.

4. Frame your door with casing.

How you frame the doors is important. If your door is more ornate, then a more simple casing will make the door stand out. If it is a less complicated door design, then a more detailed molding would be appropriate.

5. Select the perfect color.

Choose a door color that will be the right fit with the decor in each room. Selecting a neutral shade like these ones from our top neutral paint shades will make your interior doors match your home’s style. You could be more bold and select a color like navy for a beautiful designer pop!


 It’s important to keep it consistent throughout your home so if you want to do different colored doors in certain rooms, make sure the handle you choose matches the other doors in the rest of your home.

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